Overview of our other production processes

Alongside CNC turning and milling, we offer you numerous other production methods involving metal processing. Find out more about what we offer.

Centerless Grinding

In centerless grinding, the work piece is not clamped, but placed on a wedge-shaped guide. Lying freely between the grinding disk and the control disk, which is slightly diagonal for forward propulsion, the work piece obtains a super finish. In addition, much more precise calibration is possible.

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Deep-Bore Drilling

With deep-bore drilling, bore-holes up to 120 mm deep, with diameters of 3-12 mm can be drilled on our Swiss-type lathes. Here, it is important to minimize deviation of the drill head center from the central axis, as the drill shaft's flexural rigidity can decrease, depending on its length.

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Wire EDM

Wire electrical discharge machining is a manufacturing method based on spark erosion. It is mainly used when cutting by chip removal is impossible. A thin brass wire serves as the electrode and is continually drawn past the work piece.

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Surface Grinding

In surface grinding, a grinding disk executes the cutting movement and the work piece executes the advance movement. On the electromagnetic work table, only magnetic work pieces are processed, e.g. turned parts, steel rings etc.

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Honing is a cutting machining process, with which the dimensional and formal accuracy of cylinders is perfected.

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In lapping, a mixture of oil and corundum powder on a cast steel plate is used instead of grinding stones.

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Thread Whirling

Thread whirling is suitable for the production of long threads with special conical cross-sections.

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Don't worry!

«All these technical terms are almost enough to make anyone's head spin. Ultimately, all that matters is that we know the most suitable production process for your work pieces and apply it with corresponding efficiency. Although it is good to know that "lapping", for example, can be used to grind a surface with precision to within a thousandth of a millimeter, you don't have to concern yourself with it. You expect a perfect product – and we take care of everything that this calls for.»

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