CNC milling

We mill parts with dimensions from 1 x 1 x 1 mm up to 600 x 600 x 1500 mm for you. Parts with longish dimensions could be milled with a length up to 3000 mm. You will profit from our long-standing experience in milling. Metals such as aluminium, brass, titanium or high-grade steels are milled in narrowest tolerance ranges.

  • Milling on 38 CNC milling/drilling machines with up to 5 axes.
  • With articulated robotic arms to load/unload work pieces independently.
  • With a high pressure and fire extinguishing system for processing titanium and stainless steel.
  • High speed milling machines with 10 pallets and 40 tool positions.
  • 3 shifts per day possible.

We guarantee a faultless Werder finish including high quality surface treatment not only for single units but also for component groups in any batch size.

By manufacturing with only one clamping on a 5-axis machining centre, partial deliveries of even the most demanding and complex parts are possible at any time from the running production.

Do you value quality?

«This expectation is completely in line with our approach. As I am responsible for quality management, I spare no effort to fulfill your wishes.»

Vögtli Raphael Raphael Vögtli
Offers / Quality management
+41 56 463 66 02

May I show you our company?

«Nothing compares to a personal impression. The company infrastructure, the productivity, the machine pool's performance standard, the motivation of staff – on a tour, all of that says more than 1000 words. You are warmly invited to take a look inside our company at any time. Just give me a call.»

Stäger André André Stäger
Production manager
+41 56 463 66 03