Our customers have a distinguishing common denominator: quality

  • We cater for customers who demand precision – down to the thousandth.
  • We serve customers who value parts that are clean – to particle-free.
  • We attend to small customers just as diligently as to big customers.

Our customer base includes companies from all kinds of different industries, whose expectations encompass a broad spectrum in terms of geometry, precision and finish. Established global corporations and innovative start-ups alike. As a supplier, we are conscious of our responsibility for top quality and reliability.

Medical technology: Our ISO 13485 certificate authorizes us to manufacture medical technology products of all sorts, such as high-quality screws, joints, aerators etc., but also important components for blood analysis instruments, endoscopes and other medical devices.  

Electronics industry: Housings for sensors and measuring instruments.

Weighing technology: Very wide range of parts and accessories for highly precise scales.

Security technology: Housings for lock cylinders and other lock components.

Optics: Housings and parts for optical devices of all kinds.

Veterinary medicine: Titanium implants of all sizes for dogs.

Fiber optics: Parts for fiber-optic devices.

Motor construction: Highly precise bearing parts for large turbochargers.

Aviation: Parts for magnetic components in electric motors.

Measuring technology: Components for measuring stands and other stands.

Laser technology: High-precision assemblies for laser optics in welding laser heads.

Construction industry: Parts for liquid soap dispensers and pipe connection systems.

Looking for someone you can trust?

«Are you looking for a supply partner who puts your ideas into practice precisely via milling, turning, assembling or marking? – Placing a new order requires a lot of trust. To that end, there is nothing better than taking a look in person on a tour, where you can meet not only the turning and milling specialists, but also those involved in measuring technology or quality management. We will gladly take time for you because trust is the most precious thing that our customers offer us, every day.»

Erne Bernhard Bernhard Erne
Production planning
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