Family-friendly employer

Family-friendly employers not only pay attractive salaries, they also voluntarily provide many other benefits.

Within the framework of the project 'Family-friendly companies are more successful', organised by the canton of Aargau, the benefits we voluntarily provide were considered both generous and family-friendly.

All staff at Samuel Werder AG receives:
  • A benefit in kind of 1,200 CHF after 365 working days uninterrupted by non-work-related illness or accident (specific conditions apply for part-time employees, apprentices or hourly-paid staff)
  • 100 grams of gold for weddings
  • 1 gold pendant at the birth of each child
  • 1 kg assorted chocolates for employee birthdays
  • One-half of one month’s salary for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service
  • A gift of value for 40, 45 and 50 years of service
  • One supplementary vacation day every two years, as of the age of 42 and until the age of 50
  • 5 weeks paid vacation as of the age of 50
  • Upon request, custom hearing protection at the special price of 100 CHF
  • Safety footwear provided
  • 24 weeks of maternity leave paid 100%
  • 10 days of paternity leave. Furthermore the empolyee gets 2 weeks of unpaid leave within the first year of life of the baby to disburden his wife.
  • Nursing leave in emergencies for kids until the age of 15 years, max. 3 days per case of illness (doctor's note needs to be shown).
  • Membership Swiss Paraplegic Foundation
The following points apply with regard to the ‘Family-Orientation Helps Businesses Thrive' project:
  • Flexible hours depending on family or personal needs
  • Team co-workers are invited to express opinions on any given working strategy, and are informed 3 – 4 months in advance.
  • Employees with school-age children may take holiday during school vacation periods.
  • Full family grants for part-time employees
  • Support for employees in financial distress.
  • Open-ended individual employment contracts and written job descriptions for (almost) all employees.
  • Retirement pension provision deducted in relation to volume of work
  • Part-time employment option after maternity leave.
  • Clearly defined procedures in cases of sexual harassment and/or mobbing
  • Disabled (AI recipients) and seniors are considered for potential positions.
  • Physically disabled individuals are provided with a working environment tailored to suit individual needs.
  • Orientation and integration of new employees following an established process.
  • Written commitment to cultivating equality among men and women, independent of nationality or age
  • Job enrichment for unskilled production employees
  • Fresh purified water provided (Oxymount)
  • Ergonomic concept in the workplace
  • Shower facilities for use after sporting activities
  • Unpaid leave in emergencies for family members in need of care is possible.


«We are aware of how much staff have to accomplish in this day and age. Accordingly, they deserve to be shown considerable appreciation – not only with regard to their work, but also their personal sphere. I believe that many companies would run in a more humane and nevertheless more efficient manner if more attention were to be paid to promoting the compatibility of family and career. »

Stäger Karin Karin Stäger
Human resources
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Rating family and profession

Rating family and professionSamuel Werder AG sets a high value on the compatibility of work and family as well as the equality of man and woman.