Family-friendly employer

Family-friendly employers not only pay attractive salaries, they also voluntarily provide many other benefits.

Within the framework of the project 'Family-friendly companies are more successful', organised by the canton of Aargau, the benefits we voluntarily provide were considered both generous and family-friendly.

All staff at Samuel Werder AG receives:
  • Flexible ajustment of the employment rate to family or private needs
  • Individually equipped workplace for persons with disabilities
  • Work enrichment for unqualified staff in production tasks
  • Attendance bonus after 365 days without absence
  • Gifts for special events, like birthday, wedding, childbirth, service anniversary
  • 5 weeks holiday per year
  • 6 weeks holiday per year from age of 46
  • 24 weeks for maternity leave
  • 2 weeks for paternity leave with 100% financial compensation
  • Free parking
  • Free supply of chilled, purified water (Oxymount)
  • Availability of shower room after sport activities
  • Member of the Swiss Paraplegics Foundation
  • Company cards for the Zurich zoo
  • Flexible working hours depending on job
  • Free company events


«We are aware of how much staff have to accomplish in this day and age. Accordingly, they deserve to be shown considerable appreciation – not only with regard to their work, but also their personal sphere. I believe that many companies would run in a more humane and nevertheless more efficient manner if more attention were to be paid to promoting the compatibility of family and career. »

Strasser Denise Denise Strasser
Human resources
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