CNC measuring technology in a climate-controlled measuring chamber

Precision engineering calls for, and enables, maximum accuracy. It is primarily the task of our experienced specialists to guarantee this accuracy via exact programming of the CNC machines.

Precise production is one thing, documenting it clearly and conclusively is another. This requires a suitable, completely climate-controlled measuring chamber, state-of-the-art CNC and 3-D measuring technologies, and corresponding know-how.

For complex measuring processes with corresponding records, we have a total of 11 precision measuring instruments and systems at our disposal, namely:

  • 4 Wenzel CNC-controlled 3-D coordinate measuring machines with swivel-adjustable Renishaw sensor heads
  • 1 Schneider CNC-controlled optical measuring machine
  • 2 Starrett camera measuring systems, one of which is CNC-controlled
  • 4 Tesa Micro Hite vertical length measuring instruments
  • Plus a number of additional laboratory instruments and microscopes.

These contacting or contact-free systems (depending on the specified measurement criteria) are able to measure and document results precisely, down to the thousandth of a millimeter, in our vibration-free measuring chamber.


I am Luis Felix

«My special field is practical quality assurance. If I do my job well, we will probably never meet. However, I will be very familiar with your parts and I only release them if they are implemented flawlessly. If you would like to know more about our measuring processes, you are welcome to contact me.»

Felix Luis Luis Felix
Quality assurance / Test equipment monitoring
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A look inside our measuring chamber

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