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We have arranged a collection of programs and tables for the machining industry. This handy reference allows quick calculation of important parameters, and we would like you to have it for free. Just download the full version to your computer. You can now also access this handy Samuel Werder AG reference on the road thanks to the free App for iPhone and android smartphones.

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Download iPhone Version

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Download Android Version

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The PC Windows version, which is somewhat older, but still runs. (In German only).

Mechtab V1.2c (German)

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Solution of angles and sidelengths on right angled triangles.
Program to calculate dimensions on metric threads.
Standards and tolerances for various thread types i.e. M, MF, UNEF, G etc.
Calculation of weights for various bar stock with a customizing option.
Comprehensive data bank with ISO standards and tolerances for machining of shafts and holes up to 500 mm.
Surface roughness table. N11 - N1, Ra, Rz.
Program to calculate distance across flats and distance across corners on hex heads.
Calculation of cutting speeds for drilling, turning and milling.
Calculating of drill centers on a pitch circle line.
NC-code generation for production of tapers, including radius and tooling wear compensation.
Tables with general tolerances for lengths, angles, radii and chamfers.
Graphic definitions and interpretations regarding geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.
Calculate key length from width across corners and vice versa.
Torques for tightening various bolts.
Angle, side and area calculations for triangles.