Metal refinement, cleaning and finishing

The production of every work piece is rounded off according to requirements by the final services of refinement, cleaning and the "Werder Finish".

We see it as our noble duty to optimize every metal or plastic part, right through to the end of the manufacturing process. Perfectly deburred, spotlessly cleaned and professionally refined.

Deburring and barrel finishing (vibratory grinding)

Removing sharp edges and ridges sounds simple, but is not always so straightforward. This last production step is easily underestimated. However, we will gladly show you how we give your parts the perfect finish.

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Cleaning – preferably particle-free

Cleanliness is measurable, so it is always defined in advance with our customers. You too are welcome to make use of our high-tech washing systems for your parts.

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Metal surface treatment

Bead blasting, anodizing, gilding, grinding, laser marking: What kind of additional metal refinement do you have in mind? There are many possibilities, from exclusive colors, to gleaming surfaces, through to premium gilding.

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Last but by no means least

«It is important to maintain quality right through to the end of a production process. Up to and including the Werder Finish, we make no compromises, even if deadlines are tight. Quality certificates don't mean anything unless they apply to every last step of the way.I make sure they do.»

Erne Bernhard Bernhard Erne
Production planning / Work preparation
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