cnc feinwerktechnik drehen fraesen

CNC precision engineering

Precisely for you.

medizinaltechnik cnc medizinprodukte

Reference objects

CNC objects and laser marking

cnc bearbeitung roboter

Efficient CNC processing

Precisely for you.

cnc messtechnik praezision metallbearbeitung

Precisely for you.

ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 13485

Werder Precision Engineering - CNC Processing and Manufacturing. Precise for you.

Precision is the measure of all things and with this in mind we welcome you warmly to the world of Werder Precision Engineering. This means that our focus is not only on maximum manufacturing precision - but also on high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our commitment is tailor-made to your wishes and includes everything from personal contacts to binding production dates to delivery and warehousing services. We are also happy to help you develop new parts and components.

It goes without saying that both quality and manufacturing cost are closely linked with a well thought-out design of complex parts.

Precisely for you - take us at our word!

Claude Werder
Owner and Chairman of the Board

Press & Publications

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